Why Farràs

Our method & facilities

Our facilities are based of a farm with a capacity for 12.500 lambs and also a modern slaughterhouse only 6 years old with a cutting room.

The fact that we have a vertical structure from the farm to the slaughterhouse and cutting room, allow us to control the entire process on a way to guarantee quality and the traceability of our product.

The slaughterhouse

The sloughterhouse also counts with the last methods and technologies to assure that we obtain the best quality and the traceability of each process.

We slaughter animals 3 to 4 months old, they are young and healthy animals which will bring us a really premium quality.

From the mediterranean

With all these production facts combined and as a main difference from other markets where the animals only eat grass and they are older when slaughtered, we obtain a pink, soft and tender meat with a very nice taste, very typical from the Mediterranean and Spanish products and culture.